What Can You Expect from Otoplasty in Perth (Ear Pinning)?

The following post covers everything you need to know about otoplasty in Perth. If you have any questions about this procedure, you’ll find the answers below!

What is Otoplasty?


Ears come in many shapes and sizes. They may be big, small, asymmetrical or misshapen.

Unfortunately, some people feel incredibly self-conscious about the way their ears look. And that’s easy to understand: ears are among the most noticeable features of the body.

If you’re embarrassed or uncomfortable about your ears’ size, shape or position, you may try to hide them by growing your hair long or wearing hats. This can be impractical and frustrating, especially with some of the sweltering temperatures we’re used to here in Australia.

Our otoplasty in Perth is an effective, lasting solution.

What can Otoplasty Do for Me?


One of the most common concerns people have about undergoing otoplasty is the impact it will have on their entire appearance. 

That’s understandable, but you’re in the best hands with Ethicos Institute: we have performed many otoplasty treatments for people across diverse age groups, with great success.

Otoplasty commonly helps people whose:

      ears protrude from their head further than they might like

      earlobes have an unusual shape

      ears have been misshapen through a birth defect or injury

      ears are asymmetrical

What Does Otoplasty Involve? 

The aim of otoplasty is to achieve a more balanced, harmonious look through the following subtle procedure:

      Incisions are created behind one or both ears: this allows the surgeon access to the cartilage

      The cartilage is folded, reshaped or taken out entirely to craft the desired shape or positioning 

      All incisions are stitched together to hold your ears in place during the healing process 

You will be invited to speak with your surgeon Dr Gillett ahead of your otoplasty in Perth. This is your opportunity to discuss any concerns or ask questions you may have. We’ll make sure you have all the answers you need for total peace of mind.

How Long Does an Otoplasty Procedure Take?


Generally, otoplasty is a fairly straightforward procedure. The average length tends to be one or two hours, but this can vary from one patient to another.

How Long Will I Need to Recover?


Dressings will be placed around your head to cover your ears after your otoplasty in Perth. You may be asked to wear a small headband at a later date too.

Some discomfort is common with otoplasty, as is swelling and bruising (both of which ease naturally as you recover). It’s vital to follow the directions provided by Ethicos Institute before and throughout the post-surgery stage: any advice we offer is to help you heal properly and comfortably.

We will organise follow-up appointments to monitor your ears’ development and make sure you’re recovering properly.


If you have questions about our otoplasty in Perth or want to book a consultation with Dr Gillett at Ethicos Institute, please don’t hesitate to reach out.https://ethicosinstitute.com.au/face/ear-surgery/