Your guide to chin surgery

What is Genioplasty?

The chin is one of the most noticeable features of your face, and if you’re unhappy with yours it can affect your confidence.

At Ethicos Institute, our genioplasty procedures are designed to redefine your lower-facial area and enhance your facial balance and symmetry.

Unhappiness with your chin’s appearance may have been a source of frustration for some time. Regardless of the specifics, genioplasty can be an effective procedure to achieve a better chin for your face.

Genioplasty may help to make the chin more or less prominent, longer, shorter and / or symmetrical.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Genioplasty?

Not everyone unhappy with their chin is a good candidate for genioplasty, but your consultation with Dr Gillett is the ideal opportunity to assess your suitability.

The best candidates tend to:

In some cases of a retruding chin, patients may benefit more from advancing the lower jaw rather than just the chin. Dr Gillett will arrange for you to meet with an orthodontist to discuss alignment of the teeth before the jaw is advanced.

Dr Gillett will identify the most effective option to transform your chin for the best aesthetic and functional results.

What Happens During a Genioplasty Procedure?

Sliding genioplasty

For sliding (or osseous) genioplasty procedures, the chin bone will be cut from the jaw and shifted to attain the structure required. It will be kept in place with screws and a metal plate. The details of the surgery are planned on the computer and a guide and plate manufactured in titanium to be sure that the chin is positioned according to the surgical plan.

If the chin is to be made longer, the bone will be reattached to the rest of the jaw with a gap between the two. Large gaps may need a bone graft from the hip.

In procedures to shorten the chin, bone will be removed and the chin will be attached to the rest of the jaw.


General anaesthetic is used in the majority of genioplasty procedures, enabling you to remain comfortable during it.

This will be discussed well in advance, to set your mind at ease.

Post-surgery Care

Genioplasty is often done at the same time as a rhinoplasty and is usually performed as a day case. However, an overnight stay could be required.

Patients will be put on a soft diet for the first week of recovery, to prevent the sutures being affected. You should rinse with Savacol twice daily for 4 days before surgery and 10 days after surgery.

Some swelling is to be expected.  An elastic garment will be provided to help keep this under control. Pain medication should be prescribed to manage discomfort.

The majority of patients recover well enough to resume work and regular lifestyles after around two weeks.



As with any form of cosmetic surgery, a neck lift poses multiple potential risks, including:

All possible risks will be addressed during your consultation.

Genioplasty - Ethicos Institute
Before And After Genioplasty Surgery By Dr Gillett
Dr Gillett

Your Genioplasty Consultation with Dr Gillett

Your genioplasty consultation is your opportunity to ask Dr Gillett any questions and address concerns you might have.

He will go into great detail to ensure you understand what genioplasty involves, what its goals are and which method is best suited to you. You will be able to make a fully-informed decision and receive dedicated, personal service.