Your Guide to Rhinoplasty in Perth (Nose Surgery)

Your nose is one of your most prominent facial features — and if you’re unhappy with yours, whether that be cosmetically or due to an injury, that can dramatically affect your confidence and even your ability to breathe.

But there is a solution: rhinoplasty.

Our nose surgery in Perth offers you a chance to transform your nose with lasting results. It’s not all down to aesthetics, though, as various medical factors can be improved by rhinoplasty (broken nose, snoring problems, issues with breathing etc.) too.

At Ethicos Institute, we know you’ll have questions about rhinoplasty before you choose to undergo the procedure. Here are some of the questions specialist Perth plastic surgeon Dr Gillet commonly gets asked by his patients.

Is it normal for my nose to grow with age?

Yes — it is normal for your nose to keep getting bigger as you age. If you’ve noticed yours growing over the years, it’s not your imagination. This change can be subtle for many of us, but very noticeable for others.

What causes it? Cartilage, which continues to grow throughout your life and only stops at death. Noses tend to droop more with age too, which can only increase your unhappiness if you’re self-conscious already.

Depending on your goals, our rhinoplasty in Perth can reduce the size of your nose and make it less bulbous. We aim to balance out your nose to be more proportionate to the rest of your face, which can make a big impact on your overall appearance.

How long does it take to recover from nose surgery?

The recovery process following rhinoplasty poses little disruption to your schedule.

You’ll need to wear a nasal splint for the first 10 days after our plastic surgeon Dr Gillett has performed your rhinoplasty. You may want to consider booking time away from work or social engagements if you’re likely to feel self-conscious about this.

It’s common for bruising and swelling to form around the eyes too, though this should start to fade after a few days. Your nose will swell but start to ease within six months after the procedure.

Also, avoid strenuous exercise for between three and six weeks following your nose surgery; it’s vital to let your nose heal properly. We’ll arrange multiple appointments to monitor your recovery and advise you further.

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

We’ll discuss the price of your procedure during your consultation with Dr. Gillett. He has years of experience performing nose surgery in Perth and has helped many people achieve their desired appearance.

Ethicos Institute is committed to transparency, so rest assured: costs are highly competitive and reflect the quality of our service.

Booking your nose surgery with Dr Gillet, specialist plastic surgeon in Perth

If you’re considering rhinoplasty, please don’t hesitate to contact Ethicos Institute for more information about nose surgery in Perth. Our friendly team is here to help.

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