Removal of Skin Lesions

There are many skin lesions which are benign, but are troublesome or are cosmetically unattractive.

It is normal to develop new moles up to the age of about 25.  Moles are usually harmless, but can rarely develop into a skin cancer (Melanoma).  Moles can be removed by shaving or excising and this will leave a small scar.

These are red scaly areas of skin on parts of the body that are often exposed to sunlight (mostly face, ears, neck, forearms, hands and legs.  Solar keratoses are not skin cancers, but most squamous cell carcinomas develop from solar keratoses.  Solar keratoses are a sign of very sun damaged skin and indicate the skin is prone to cancer.  Treatment is usually by freezing, curettage, creams or excision.

These “senile warts” are roughened, waxy lesions that can be removed by freezing or shaving.

These are fatty lumps beneath the skin which can be removed through a small incision.

Sebaceous cysts arise from the skin and can become visible and some become infected.  They can be surgically excised.

There are many other skin lesions that are benign.  Surgical removal will usually leave a scar.