Genioplasty (Bone or Chin Implant)

Genioplasty is a procedure to improve the appearance of your chin.  Surgery involves a small incision inside the lower lip, the chin is next modified and held in position with a small titanium plate.  A genioplasty can be used to improve facial balance and harmony.  In some cases the exact details of the procedure can be planned on the computer and a custom made plate used to ensure that the chin point is positioned exactly according to the pre-operative plan.

 Not all patients with a retruding chin are good candidates for a genioplasty.  In some patients a better cosmetic and functional result can be obtained by advancing the jaw.  If Dr Gillett feels that this is the case he will organise for you to meet with an orthodontist to discuss a period of orthodontic alignment of the teeth which is followed by advancing the lower jaw.  Dr Gillett will discuss with you in details what procedure or combination of procedures will give you with the best aesthetic and functional result. 

Before and after a chin implant by Dr David Gillett
Before and after genioplasty by Perth Plastic Surgeon Dr David Gillet

Genioplasty Procedure Animation

After the Surgery

It is necessary to keep your mouth clean with chlorehexidine mouth washes, four times a day. Always rinse your mouth with water after eating. We recommend a soft diet. The sutures in your mouth are dissolvable so there is no need for their removal. Expect to have some bruising and swelling, the amount you have is individual. This will settle over the following few weeks.


You will be on antibiotics for five days. We will see you in the rooms 4 – 5 days post operatively to check on your progress, then again one week later.


To help with swelling we recommend you sleep with your head elevated. Raise the head of your bed or sleep on 2 – 3 pillows.


Please do not shower or get the dressings wet for the first 48 hours. Then you may shower and pat dry/ gently blow dry the tape (with hairdryer on cool settings).

Can I Wear Makeup?

Camouflage make up can be worn 10 days after the operation and can help disguise bruising if necessary.

Pain Management

We recommend you do not take aspirin or anything that contains aspirin for 2 weeks before your operation and 1 week after your operation. Regular pain relief is recommended if you require it.


First Post Operative Appointment
We will see you in the rooms in 4 – 5 days post operatively to check your progress, then again one week later. The sutures under your chin will be removed at this time.

Second Post Operative Appointment
Your next post operative visit will then be scheduled, for removal/trimming sutures. Expect to have some bruising and swelling – the amount you have is individual. This will settle over the following few weeks.

When Can I Resume Activities?

Rest is very important after your operation. We recommend no lifting, strenuous exercise, or driving. You will need to take this time off work, three weeks of non strenuous activities. No strenuous activities/ exertion for six weeks.

Report the Following Post Operative Concerns

  • Fever (with a temperature of more than 38 C) or chills.
  • Heavy oozing or bleeding from a wound.
  • Increased swelling around a wound site.
  • Increased pain.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Difficulty in passing urine.
  • Spreading redness around the wound.
  • A foul odour from a wound
If you have any of these post operative concerns or queries please ring the rooms on (o8) 9284 4966.